Saturday, June 27, 2015

Is God Frail Or Just Not There?

With the wonderful announcement today that marriage for all has been made legal, and the backlash of conservatives and ministers (with one promising to set himself on fire) has made me wonder - if there is a god of Christians (the same one who was worshiped by the Jews before it was co-opted), has he become weak and frail?

The people who worshiped the god of the Old Testament were not many in number, yet that god was able to smite people, level cities, and create the world, along with Adam and his two wives (remember, Eve was attempt number two). When we reach the New Testament - the version approved by the Council of Nicea after they drew up the business plan for Christianity - we see fantastic visions, people being swept up into heaven, and miraculous acts. At this point in history, Christianity was still not as ubiquitous as it is today.

Today, we have megachurches, televangelists, tweets from the Vatican, and the persistence (though I can't fathom how, in this enlightened age) of Peter Popoff, et al. Gone is the god who, you know, did things. The one who had no problem demonstrating his displeasure. The god with teeth. The god with wrath. The god who bestowed blessings and greatness upon his chosen ones (though let his "son" get abused and murdered).

What I am saying is that the Christian population is much larger than it was when The Church was first formed, yet we have no signs of divine intervention. Surely if a powerful god did not approve of what the ergot-eating saints called "sin," he would do something. If some Christian leaders cannot come to a mutual agreement on something (which has been a recurring problem going back to The Reformation, the Council of Nicea, and even the Gospels themselves) how can we say who is correct?

I have no problem with the Christian tenets that boil down to "don't be an asshole to people." That's a good one to live by. So is the one about not being vociferous with your religious convictions (Matthew 6:6 if you need to look it up - because there actually is more to that book than that one part of that one passage of Leviticus that people quote without adhering to any of the others).

Now we have people like Louisiana's Bobby Jindal and Texas' Ted Cruz (and to a lesser extent, Greg Abbott) claiming that marriage is only an institution of one man and one woman. It is not for us to decide what is right, but God.

First off, I'm not seeing God weighing in, but rather loud people clinging to guidelines that kept pre-electrical society alive, while society, technology, mores, and overall quality of living continue to evolve.

So, is God just standing back on this one? Does God perhaps condone the shift toward a more equal society? Did God retire and not tell anyone? Is that why the grand visions have stopped afflicting people?

Or perhaps, just perhaps, God was never there.

But whatever. You want to be a Christian, keep it to yourself. You want to be a martyr and set yourself on fire? I won't even dignify your choice by getting the marshmallows. You want to be a Christian leader? Then do it by welcoming all, and do not worry about those who feel no need to join your flock. Most of all, rein in the hatred and don't be an asshole. I don't know which version of the Bible has hatred in the teachings of Jesus (unless you're like, a tax collector or something), but I never ran across a copy of that version of the New Testament in seminary school.

As a final note, Judge Scalia - When your peers decide to let people, y'know, be people, with all of the rights and liberties being a person entails, then how exactly is it ruling with an agenda?

Now, about that flag...

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