Sunday, October 21, 2012

Out Of The Office

This is going to be the last post for a while, as I will be in Florida for the next week - suspending disbelief and taking in the technological wonders and advances as Disney World. There haven't been new recipes to post or general maunderings because, well, I've been too damn excited (with a touch of anxiety in making sure all of my ducks are in a row before I leave). This will be a full week at the parks, and attending 2 Halloween parties that last from 7 pm until midnight, during my stay.

Expect there to be a flood of pictures upon my return.

Quick Game Reviews

Before I leave, I'd like to give you some (very brief) reviews of games I've been playing over the past month to keep me from bouncing off the walls in excitement:

Torchlight II - Like every single review you can find, I will tell you it's not Diablo III. The visuals are clean, the gameplay is smooth, and there's no mandatory online whatever in order to enjoy the game. There's also enough freedom with the skill trees that you don't feel like you're being railroaded as you build your character. Pick it up.
All the Diablo, none of the 3.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - This is what it's like to be immersed in a Philip K. Dick novel with a healthy dose of William Gibson and Rudy Rucker. Wetware, transhumanism, augmentation, and ethics come to the forefront in this open world, high tension thriller where your choices actually do have repercussions as the game unfolds.

Combine that with a soundtrack featuring Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance, the soundtrack to Gladiator, and so much more)) and it may be my favorite game of the past 2 years (rivaling The Witcher 2).
You're breaking the fourth wall! (And I am humbled by your acute observation about gamers.)
Retro City Rampage - I had my eye on this over the summer, and started playing it yesterday, between bouts of sorting and packing for the trip. This game is an open world, 8-bit throwback that pays homage to everything (and not to subtly in its execution) from Pong to early computer games (Rogue, King's Quest, etc.) to he glory days of the NES (Contra, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many more).
Nerd-tastic nostalgia abounds.
You will find yourself becoming addicted to the game, but also losing yourself in counting the myriad game references while grinning like the nerd that you are (and you cannot fully enjoy this game unless you are already steeped in gaming history and have an aversion to the outdoors).
From the "stole my meme/stole my IP" category...
That's it for now. This post is mainly here as an "I'm going to be out of the office" note, but also as a reminder to me that I need to get back into the writing saddle (for myself, as opposed to work) when I return. There are a few fun skeptical articles, some recipes I'd like to try out and write up, and some in-depth book (there's been a lot of Steven Brust flying around the house, as of late) and Netflix reviews I want to put up here.

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