Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Quick Update: The Week In Review

I'm working this weekend, so I'm just posting this for when things slow down a bit and I can expand on some of the topics listed.

This week has been quite full and exciting. Everything kicked off with a job interview that (if I am the lucky winner) would allow me to focus on the tech side of things, apart from simply keeping up to date by reading the latest news articles. I made it to round two, so we'll see what next week yields. This would add to my current portfolio of freelance writer, editor, culinary alchemist, eBay entrepreneur, and...whatever the heck else I do keep money coming in and have fun in the process.

The next thing really took me by surprise. I've been a staff member and occasional writer for for a few months now, and since my experience is more on the writing/editing/directing side of things when it comes to movies, I was asked to interview Scott Ross about the Digital Domain debacle that's been in the news as of late. The interview was very insightful, the readership increased because of it, and I got to be a journalist for once. The whole thing can be found here.

I'm doing a thing I've wanted to do, but since the concept of journalism collapsed as I was exiting college, it never seemed like a reality. Sort of like turning on your faucet and daydreaming about how you wish you could fetch water from the well. The good thing is that in this day and age (if one chooses not to be ignorant), there are enough sources to check your facts. Because he was the founder of Digital Domain, Scott Ross decided to give me a number of facts that were overlooked by a number of the "major" news outlets (WSJ, I'm looking at you) - and you can't really get more authentic than information that comes from the source, before it gets filtered a million different ways. I like writing things that people can see. Most of my time is spent writing very dry manuals and info guides that are used within organizations. It's good to have an audience.

On the entertainment side of things, MechWarrior Online Closed Beta was announced this week, and I was sent an invitation. The game is gorgeous, and no matter what 'mech I pilot, it walks and moves with all the grace I do in real life - like a goose trying to land on ice, only armed with nuclear warheads. Anyone who likes explosions or the MechWarrior franchise should definitely get this game. My only complaint is not being able to take things for a spin before joining a game. I like to know how to use each 'mech before I start spinning in circles and launching everything at once.

In other news, Torchlight 2 was released last Thursday. With a team consisting of developers from Blizzard North, this is the way the sequel to Diablo II should have been. I'm not just saying that because everything's not brown and red like some late-90s metal album. Torchlight 2 has refined mechanics (I like not having to click on every little gold piece to collect treasure); a single-player mode that doesn't require a constant collection; enough story to justify exploring the game and killing clicking on things; and crafting that isn't too extensive to the point of detracting from the fun. Oh, and skill trees make sense, and allow for a lot of customization. And pets! (Yes, I am aware there were pets in the first Torchlight game, but it's less awkward than your Amazon companion in Diablo II - and you were using that NPC like a mule.) If you don't have Torchlight 2, or you found your Diablo III game gathering dust after the first week, you need to get this game.
More game, less server delay.
Cooking's been rather low-key (or take out) simply because of how busy things have been here, so I have no recipes to share. 

I think that's pretty much it. I did receive everything for my week-long Halloween vacation to Disney World next month, but unless you get excited by looking at plane tickets, I'm going to save the details about that until after I return (and have some caffeine in me).

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