Monday, August 27, 2012

Shuggy Goth

Yesterday, a friend of mine (through the SA forums) sent me the gift of The Adventures of Shuggy through Steam. My friend is a much bigger gamer than I am, and was telling me about the great mechanics this particular game had in store for players. Unfortunately, things became very busy in my particular part of the world, so I could only squeeze in about 10 minutes before going to bed.

This morning, however, I was expecting for an important package to be delivered from FedEx, so I fired up Shuggy while I waiting for the impending pounding at my my door at the ungodly hour of "before noon."

The Adventures of Shuggy is a very simple game, at first blush. You can move in the four basic directions (up, down, left, and right), jump, and there is also an action button. This is where the simplicity ends. On each stage (many of which will take under a minute to complete, which is great for casual gamers - or those wondering where the hell the FedEx guy is with the package I ordered last week, damn it all, I NEED the instant gratification a shut-in like myself it entitled to!) uses the action in different ways. On some stages, you will have to rotate the entire screen in order to guide a gem (you need to collect these as a conceit of the game) through a maze. On others, you will have to speed up time. Some stages don't even use the action button, and spawn "shadow Shuggy characters" that follow your movements, and if you run into them - well, the results are everything you'd expect from a quantum paradox.

I played through about 15 stages, with what looks like many times that left to complete.

The story surrounding the main character is presented in comic book format, and is as follows:

Shuggy (who is a vampire or a youngster who likes to dress as one), has inherited a  mansion full of ghouls, demons, and (for some reason) green gems. Most of the doors in this mansion are locked, but as li'l Shuggy completes a stage, he is given a key. If you acquire enough keys, you can unlock new areas and challenges. There are even leader boards so you can compete against your best time. (I have yet to try out the cooperative play mode, but maybe I'll ask the FedEx guy if he want to play a round or two considering HE DOESN'T SEEM TO BE IN ANY HURRY TO DELIVER ANYTHING TODAY! But I digress.)

The Adventures of Shuggy employs just about every platformer hook you can imagine, and then puts an interesting twist on the mechanics so that the game never gets old (unless you tire easily from having fun, in which case you might enjoy sticking with your Facebook games). The levels are short, the gameplay is addictive, and you can play for as long or as little as you'd like - though the game is admittedly tough to put down after the first stage.

The Adventures of Shuggy came out in the middle of June but only appeared as a tiny blip on on the radar - possible due to it being released in that tiny window after Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, Lollipop Chainsaw (do people play this?), and immediately before Civilization V: Gods & Kings.
So many nerds never quite made it to the bathroom that day.

I will also put forth that Gateways (the other offering from Smudged Cat Games that I believe was developed solely to push nausea pharmaceuticals) may hve made people a little wary about the content of this title.

Don't press "play." You've been warned.

Yesterday (and possibly for the 15 minutes after I post this article), The Adventures of Shuggy went on sale for 75% off the list price, meaning less than the price of your favorite caffeinated or 40oz. malt liquor beverage of choice. Even if it's not on sale, if you want something you can play without having to invest hours at a sitting, while still having a fun and satisfying experience, pick up The Adventures of Shuggy Today!

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