Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crow and Owl

It's not often that I get requests for pieces outside the realm of SEO/advertising copy, these days. However, once in a while I am asked to venture back into the realm of pure creativity. This time, someone hired my pen (or I guess it's keyboard, these days) to utilize the Haiku in order to tell a short story. I always found Haiku poetry to be very difficult in English. The Japanese language has many sounds and words that are comprised of one or two syllables, but often imparts very complex notions. English often goes in the opposite direction, with very fancy words often having very simple definitions. Thus writing a Haiku in English to tell a story (not that I could really do it in any other language, save for French or German, but that would bee too strange for even my tastes) was a challenge, and one I gladly accepted.

So, here it is. It's not my personal favorite, but I'm a bit proud of what I accomplished .

Owl and Crow

The winter moon snags
On the dying oak's branches
While owls' songs echo

Large nocturnal eyes
Gaze upon swarthy feathers
Caught in Moon's cold light

Wisdom in return
Is caught in the Dirge's stare
Dark predators dance

Perchance, on shadows
To lite on creaking branches
The black one circles

The owl, all-seeing
Lets the dark hunter draw near
Be ye friend or more?

Do ye seek the warmth?
Or rivaled competition?
Or sounds more than wind?

I seek your knowledge
Much as you seek out my voice
You question, I call.

This night air is bleak
And the graveyard is barren
Save for scuttling mice

What say with your eyes
And my razor sharp talons
We bloody our beaks?

Owl and Crow waited
In Silence, save for the wind,
For quick trails in grass

Four tiny opals
Frightened by even the night
Eight Paws and two tails

Feathered confusion
Fury, flurry, then silence
Owl and Crow both perch

With reddened feathers
They sup on their small quarry
And sigh together

Pink heat, now cooling
In the craws of night hunters
The wind begins to blow

This might be friendship
Or a tennuous romance
No prey was now safe

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