Thursday, April 26, 2012

Of Crocs & Kids

Once upon a time, someone accidentally bought a pair of Crocs. That, in and of itself was not bad, as it was an accidental purchase. In order to justify buyer's remorse, rather than throwing out the pair of Crocs, or keeping them well-hidden in a closet, the person decided to wear them out in public - extolling the virtues of comfort and style - and slowly believing the story the more times it was told. As a result, other people bought into this, and suddenly owning Crocs became a thing, and people felt the "need" to have them. A person was neither fashion forward nor caring about personal health/the environment if he or she didn't have at least one pair of Crocs to wear proudly with outfits that didn't belong in the medical field or while gardening in one's own yard.

I've noticed that a similar chain of events occurs when a person shows off a new baby to one's peers.

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